Avino Silver Provides Update On Re-Opening Of British Columbia Gold Mine

Avino Silver & Gold Mines, which plans to return the Bralorne Gold Mine in British Columbia to production, Monday reported that a “diamond drill program is being planned for the fall to define the resources for mining purposes and potentially expand the resources.” Avino said it has reviewed potential scenarios for opening the mine, and may drill a new, larger tunnel, due in part to safety issues.

Also, Avina said the new mine plan contemplates testing a different mining method, which it described as “sub level long hole retreat mining on veins where the hanging wall, foot wall and mineralization are conducive to this method, which should be safer and more productive than the shrinkage and cut and fill mining methods used in the past.” Avino said the new mining methods, combined with the larger new tunnel, should result in a more mechanized and efficient mine than in the past.

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