Bond Prices Mixed

U.S. Treasury prices pared early gains Wednesday in quiet activity with the 10-year leading but prices are overall little-changed. The market remains cautious as geopolitical risks continue to pop-up and/or escalate. The market is looking with caution to the final auction in the holiday-shortened week, with the $12 billion reopened 30-year results due at 1 p.m. ET. Traders are eyeing equities, the yen and energy markets for minor directional guidance with little else to play against.

The 30-year yield recently traded near 2.934% from an overnight low of 2.913% and high of 2.9427% from a 2.93% close Tuesday, which marked the lowest since Jan 17. The 10-year is near 2.293% from a 2.2805% low yield, 2.3144% high and a 2.2998% close, which was the lowest close since 2.29% Nov. 17. The five-year is near 1.827% from a 1.8155% low, 1.85% high and a 1.83% close. The two-year is near 1.23% having hit an early 1.2135% low, an overnight 1.262% high and a close near 1.235%.

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